Tropical Cyclone Freddy

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Department of Disaster Management Affairs
With Tropical Cyclone Freddy gone, DCCMS indicates that normal rainy season weather conditions will now be experienced. On 13th March, a state of disaster was declared in the 14 districts that were severely affected by the cyclone. Emergency Operation Centre had been set up at the World Food Programme (WFP) offices in Limbe, Blantyre for effective and efficient coordination during the emergency response. Search and rescue of people is continuing in Nsanje and Phalombe districts where people are still believed to be trapped. With the help of sniffer dogs, the Search and Rescue team have recovered 24 bodies (14 bodies on 17th March and 10 bodies on 18th March, 2023) in Soche, Blantyre. Government has received international support in the area of search and rescue and various relief items. As of today, 18th March, 2023, 86,604 households have been displaced, while 445 people have died, 282 are missing, and 918 have sustained various injuries. Public infrastructure such as schools, health facilities, and district and main roads have been damaged in all affected districts. Government through Department of Disaster Management Affairs is coordinating and leading all humanitarian actors in the assessment of disaster impact and needs as well as provision relief assistance to the affected people. The most critical needs are search and rescue for those trapped by flood waters and killed by the mudslide; and the distribution of food and non-food items to the 362,928 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are currently residing in one of the 506 camps set up for those who have lost their homes and belongings.