Human Resource Development Policy for the Public Health Sector

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Malawi Government
The Human Resource Development Policy is aimed at putting in place systems to ensure that training is well organised, transparent, fair and cost effective. The policy will serve as a planning reference and management tool for all investments in training and staff development. The development of the HRD policy is therefore a clear testimony of the Ministry’s commitment to training and staff development. The Ministry will create a conducive environment that will provide an opportunity to all health workers to continuously learn so as to equip them with the requisite skills to effective implement the Essential Health Package. The policy will also be used as a lens of continuous learning and an integral part of change in the Ministry particularly now when the Ministry is going through a number of reforms under the Sector Wide Approach. It is expected that the implementation of this policy will promote a culture of continuous learning and development. At the same time, building a professionally competent workforce in the public health sector in Malawi. The end result is a health sector that is continuously supplied with the appropriate skills mix and capacity to develop, support and implements targeted service delivery interventions at every level of the health care system. My Ministry therefore considers the development of this policy as big milestone and a catalyst for effective implementation of the Essential Health Package in the context of the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy.