National Nutrition Policy

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Malawi Government
Adequate nutrition is a pre-requisite for human capital development. Improving the nutritional status of the people of Malawi is therefore, one of my Government’s top priorities. In order to ensure adequate nutrition in Malawi, my Government has developed the National Nutrition Policy (NNP). The goal of the policy is to facilitate improvement of the nutritional status of all Malawians, with special emphasis on vulnerable groups such as pregnant and lactating mothers, children below the age of 15 years, orphans, the elderly and people living with HIV and AIDS”. The purpose of the Policy is to raise national awareness on the magnitude of the nutrition problems in Malawi their impact in the economy with a view to provide guidance and galvanise the nation towards the achievement of acceptable levels of nutrition for purposes of effective contribution to economic growth and development of the country. My government has developed the National Nutrition Policy having noted that the Food Security and Nutrition Policy of 1990 and other development policies that contain elements of nutrition did not give adequate attention to nutrition. Additionally, there was vertical implementation of nutrition programmes within different sectors and limited resource allocation. This policy will facilitate standardisation, coordination and improvement of the quality of nutrition services delivery within all sectors of the economy. In 2005, I directed that the Food and Nutrition Security Policy be split into two namely; Food Security Policy and National Nutrition Policy to be championed by Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security; and the Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS in my office respectively. The Department of Nutrition, HIV and AIDS is therefore, mandated to spearhead the implementation of the Nutrition Policy through provision of policy direction and guidance; coordination, capacity building, resources mobilisation and monitoring and evaluation. To realize the policy’s goal, there is need for active participation of all stakeholders in the implementation process. I am therefore calling upon all Malawians and partners to support the implementation of this policy.