National Population Policy

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Malawi Government
Malawi has made remarkable progress in improving the socio-economic welfare of its people in the past years. However, the country continues to face challenges posed by population dynamics such as high fertility and mortality rates, high child dependency burden, unemployment, and environmental degradation. To mitigate the impact of such challenges on the welfare of Malawians, Government has updated the country’s 1994 National Population Policy to ensure that it is kept abreast with the current population and development issues. The overall goal of the policy is to contribute to the improvement of the standard of living and the quality of life of the people of Malawi. The previous policy focused on reducing the growth rate of the population, while the current one is aimed at supporting the achievement of sustainable socio economic development as envisaged in the national development agenda and international development framework. In this vein, Government is committed to provide the necessary support and enabling policy and programme environment for the implementation of the policy. Since population issues are crosscutting in nature, the implementation of the policy calls for concerted efforts by all. In this regard, Government will also ensure effective coordination of the policy implementation process among various stakeholders in population and development, by providing adequate institutional and technical capacity to implementing partners. I wish to thank all those who have given their time, ideas and expertise during the policy revision process. I wish to appeal to all stakeholders to support Government in implementing the policy. Finally, I would like to thank Her Excellency the President, Mrs Joyce Banda for providing the economic development framework in which this population policy has been formulated