Availability and usage of occupational health services in Kanengo industrial area.

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Kamuzu University of Health Sciences
A descriptive study on availability and usage of occupational health services was done in Kanengo industrial area in the city of Lilongwe in order to establish the availability and usage of these services in this industrial area. The study involved a sample of 10 companies, which were selected through systematic random sampling. Data was collected using a questionnaire in an interview schedule. The data was later shared among 11 researchers who did the data collection and was then analysed using descriptive statistics and description of facts. The study results indicated that most occupational health services are available in Kanengo industries and generally used by workers. The results further revealed that noise from machines, fatigue and lifting are the major hazards in Kanengo while malaria is the common illness. It can therefore be concluded that Kanengo industries have most of the occupational health services, which are used by most workers.