Road Map for Acceralating the Reduction of Maternal and Neonatal Morality and Morbidity in Malawi

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Ministry of Health
The Government of Malawi has over the years provided sexual and reproductive health services including maternal and newborn health care to its people. The Government with the support from various development partners has implemented several safe motherhood programmes in various districts of the country. Despite all these efforts the maternal mortality has continued to rise. A number of studies have helped to throw light on the maternal mortality situation in the country. These studies have suggested an urgent need to further strengthen the Ministry of Health for the provision of quality health care services in order to reduce the high maternal and newborn mortality. Consequently the Reproductive Health Unit of the Ministry of Health conducted a national EmOC assessment to identify the capacity of the health care delivery system to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality and to propose an action orientated plan: hence the development of this road map. This road map was developed with financial as well as technical support, from WHO, UNFPA and UNICEF. It stipulates various strategies which will guide policy makers, development partners, training institutions and service providers in supporting government efforts towards the attainment of MDGs related to maternal and newborn health.