Knowledge, perception and attitude of diabetic clients towards diabetes management at Zomba Central Hospital Diabetic Clinic

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Kamuzu University of Health Sciences
This was an exploratory study whose purpose was to explore knowledge, perception and attitude of diabetic clients towards diabetes management at Zomba Central Hospital. Specifically the areas of interest were: to assess knowledge of diabetes among diabetic clients, to find out knowledge of complex diabetes management among the diabetics; to assess perception and attitude of the clients towards the complex management and to identify other factors that influence clients' compliance and non compliance to diabetes complex management. The study was conducted at Zomba Central Hospital- diabetic clinic. A descriptive qualitative phenomenological design was used and 10 diabetic clients- 5 male and 5 female were chosen using non probability sampling including convenience and purposeful sampling. Data was collected through semi structured interview guide and data was then analyzed manually using content analysis. The findings indicated that diabetic clients have little knowledge in what diabetes is and its complex management however they comply to what they know and what is available in relation to their economic status i.e. drugs and some food. Health workers mostly emphasizes on nutrition only on health education leaving side other parts of the management which in turn makes clients to be less knowledgeable in complex diabetes management. The study also showed that clients perceived the management to be very important because it prolongs life, furthermore the study has revealed that clients are always given not enough drugs for the month and they are always delayed to be reviewed. The researcher therefore recommends that health workers should be teaching diabetics the whole management of diabetes. In health education the providers should explain the disease process, the goals of management, and strategies to limit complications, use simple explanations, answer questions, and provide written information for the patients. The government and other NGO's should help Diabetes Association of Malawi financially so as to be teaching and encouraging their fellow clients nationwide about the management as well as well telling them importance of management compliance since the association fails to achieve other goals because they don't have sponsors.