A research proposal on understanding causes of high prevalence of pueperal sepsis at Koche health centre, Mangochi.

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Kamuzu University of Health Sciences
Puerperal sepsis is one of the major causes of maternal death that accounts for 15 per cent of all maternal deaths in developing countries. This has prompted the researcher to explore causes of high prevalence of puerperal sepsis at Koche Health Centre in Mangochi District which reported high prevalence of the condition. The objectives of the study are; to assess knowledge of puerperal sepsis amongst women in the postpartum period; to assess the environment in which delivery is taking place; to identify any problems faced during ante, intra and post partum; and to assess cultural practices towards pregnant and post natal women. This will be a descriptive qualitative study that will utilise an in-depth interview guide to collect data. A sample of 10 mothers that have ever suffered from puerperal sepsis will be selected using purposive sampling method. All ethical considerations will be taken care of by the researcher. Data shall be analysed using content analysis. The results of the study will be disseminated to the faculty of Nursing at Kamuzu College of Nursing because the study is in partial fulfillment of the degree in nursing which the researcher is undergoing. They will also be disseminated to the Mangochi District Health Officer and Koche Health Centre so that the communities around can benefit from the study hence reduce maternal morbidity and mortality.